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African women with a book in front of a graph with dollar signs to learn about money

Why Should I Learn About Money?

Is financial literacy really that important for teenagers? Unfortunately, money is a vital part of our lives… 

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Stock Market Basics For High School Students

Do you have a company whose products or services you admire and wondered how you can be part of their success? Then…

Excited interracial couple holding shopping bags and credit card on blue backdrop

What To Spend On As A Teenager

Spending money is a lot easier than earning it, we all know that. What we often confuse is how we should spend our money to get the most out of it…

person starting an online business on a laptop computer with a coffee beside it

The Ultimate Guide to Kickstarting an Online Business for Teenagers

In today’s digital age, the opportunities for young entrepreneurs are endless and with the right…

Young woman with a camera on a tripod out in the grass smiling

How to Start a Photography Business as a Teenager

Are you one of those teens who loves taking photos with your smartphone? Do you spend hours… 

Teenage caucasion female holding a stack of money in her hand with red background

How To Budget For Teens | 5 Tips

You may not have a full-time job or any liabilities as a teenager… just yet. Basic budgeting skills, on the other hand, can help you organize your spending…


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17 Online Business Ideas for Teens and Students

Teenagers today have many up-to-date skills that the business world could benefit from. Putting these online business ideas for…

Two hands holding white sign with red letters that says small business ideas with circles in the background

25 Small Business Ideas for Teens And Students

Age does not have to limit your ability to become an entrepreneur. Teens who combine ingenuity and opportunity can create… 

Best side hustle ideas, notepad, pen, calculator

10 Best Side Hustles for Teens

Life as a teenager can be complicated before worrying about finances. When you add in the cost of living with expensive high school events, life…


SMART Acronmy with different colours. specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound going up and down in article smart goal setting for teens

SMART Goal Setting for Teens

The SMART goal system was designed to give managers a better way to assist their employees in creating, defining, and measuring performance…

a computer screen with text make money online. white keyboard are in front and coloured books.

How Can I Earn Money Online As A Student: Proven Strategies For Financial Independence

Earning money online offers a flexible way for students to support…         

graph, calculator, stock chart, american USD dollars and change with a pen

Investing Tips for Teens

By being young you may not have much money to invest, yet there are many ways for you to start your investment journey. The earlier you start the…


blue mug on brown counter that says it's time for a new job

15 Best Part Time Jobs for Students in Canada

You’ve finally decided it’s time to earn some money so it’s time to start searching for the best part time jobs for students in Canada…

black graduation cap with text scholarship on top of many 100 dollar bills

How Do Scholarships Work?

Scholarships are a type of financial aid for post-secondary education based on merit or by financial need. The scholarship does not have to be paid back…

Person in blue shirt holding brown money back for how to save money in high school

How to Save Money in High School

Saving money is no easy feat. Spending money also sounds like a lot more fun, and it kind of is. As a teenager the thought of getting dollars in your bank account may…

chubby man in dress clothes with pockets out indicating no money

How To Start A Business As A Teenager With No Money

If you are a teenager looking to bring in some extra cash, you might find yourself wondering how…     


Anthony Balic Pay Yourself First Accountant Tips for Teens
Caucasian man sitting at a chair wearing a firefighter uniform

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Tips From A Firefighter And Experienced Saver

Bryan Stretch has a lot of cool things to talk about. From fighting fires to coaching wrestling while also developing his personal skills in finance, Bryan is knowledgeable in many facets of life.

Bryan joined us to share some of his insights on being a Firefighter and to share what he’s learned through his financial experiences…