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10 Best Side Hustles For Teens

Life as a teenager can be complicated before worrying about finances. When you add in the cost of living with expensive high school events, life can really become stressful. Not a lot is free and everybody needs money, leading to conversations about quick cash for teens.

We’ve come up with ten simple solutions to earn your first money with zero to a few dollars needed for investment. You don’t need a part time job to get paid. Here are 10 of the easiest and best side hustles for teens.

Money Making Ideas for Teens and Students

1. Marketplace Flipping

You can start by selling anything around the house you’re not using. Make sure it’s YOUR stuff and not somebody else’s. Generate some money from this, re-invest it to get into bigger items and keep growing your profits.

If you’re a go-getter you’ll jump on any free stuff you can find and sell it for profit, that’s the flip. Feeling ambitious? Check out eBay for deals.

Insider tip: don’t underestimate neighbourhood websites like Craigslist. Not everybody has Facebook.

Remember to always be safe, meet in lit areas and take a parent or adult with you.

2. Cut Grass

You’ll need a lawnmower so a little bit of pre-effort is required. The good news is your landlords (aka parents/guardians) may have one you can borrow. If not, see if you can borrow a bit of money to “invest” in one on the marketplace and pay it back.

Your first business loan could be a great learning experience.

3. Dog Poop Cleanup

Be a good neighbor dog poop sign

Yep, it’s gross. That’s the opportunity.

Dog’s poop regularly and many dog owners just can’t keep up. Some others are simply irresponsible dog walkers and don’t pick up after their pets….argh.

Not many people enjoy cleaning animal poop but the reality is that a pet comes with the responsibility. Be the one to show up as a professional with a shovel, bags, perhaps some gloves and you may have yourself some business.

In fact, I needed you yesterday and I’ll probably need you tomorrow. Often the “be a good neighbour” signs don’t work. Ask the corner houses first and you may not need to go any further.

4. Return Cans

With zero dollars invested every can you return is profit. It doesn’t sound glamourous but we’re not talking about walking the streets and picking up whatever you see. We’re talking about organized can collecting.

Come up with a strategy and go after it. Door-to-door knocking still works and better yet you can give a pre-warning that you’ll be back the next day. This gives more time for everybody to find any loose cans around the yard.

Feeling motivated? Print up some flyers and leave them at the door.

Feeling techy? Check out the local neighbourhood Facebook group and let them know what you’re doing.

You may be surprised at how many people are happy to give up their cans saving them a trip to the depot.

5. Wash Anything You Can Reach

Teenager washing car for money

Washing things over and over can get annoying so sometimes it’s nice when somebody offers to do it for you. People that physically can’t are always looking for help.

Offer to wash anything that’s safe to reach. Bring a bucket and some soap and the sky’s the limit with what you may be washing. Cars, railings, birdhouses, dog houses, windows, anything!

Feeling entrepreneurial? Buy an extension pole and wash the hard-to-reach things as well. Often you can find cheap supplies on marketplaces like Facebook.

6. Rake Leaves

Bring a rake or borrow a rake, leaves will always fall. Beat homeowners to the job by offering in advance to rake the leaves and you may have a repeat customer.

7. Shovel Snow

Can’t say I know too many older people that enjoy hard labour in the snow. Many see it as a daunting task, some business owners view it as white gold. See the opportunity?

8. Newspaper Route

Perhaps one of the oldest starter jobs still going, yes it’s still going. Newspapers are alive and need to be delivered. A large percentage of people don’t read the news online, you can make their day and get paid for it.

9. Create Art/Crafts

Not for everybody but if you have the skill why not use it? You can freely list your crafts on the marketplace and tell your neighbours. Look for local craft sales. Since you’re creative to begin with, get creative on your sales strategy.

10. Help Older People with Technology

Older woman typing getting help with technology from teenager

Perhaps one of the most underrated money makers out there for teens. If these terms make sense to you: Alexa, Siri, HDR, DVR, HDMI, Router, Network – there’s opportunity. Seniors are having a hard time keeping up with technology and are often willing to get help.

Charge an hourly rate and offer to fix or set up equipment for the less tech-savvy, and you will have a repeat customer. We all know how technology works and then it doesn’t. Your phone may be ringing off the hook.

Look for Opportunities

Jobs are all around you. Talk to people, ask questions, see what a potential customer needs. How can you help solve their problem?

Get creative, put on your work shoes and go make some quick cash. Before you know it, word of mouth will get your name out there and you’ll start getting requests.

When you’re thinking about how to earn money as a teenager without a job, consider how you can make somebody’s day better or life easier. If you can do this, people will pay good money for your services.

With a little bit of enthusiasm, you could create your own quick ways to make money. Whether it’s a side hustle for females, males or everybody, it doesn’t matter as the effort you put in will most often dictate the outcome you get.

Learn pricing through trial and error and don’t be afraid to negotiate. The hardest dollar to earn is the first one but it will feel great when you do and you’ll want to work for more.

When you’ve earned some money through these side hustles for teens, and are looking for more, start to consider online business for teens.

By: Robert Puharich | February 2, 2021 |