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Top 9 Best Economy Simulation Games

Business simulation games can significantly boost your economics, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship knowledge. Such games mainly focus on economic and financial management, and they have features and strategies that simulate real-world reality.   

Discover the best simulation games to hone your career, economy, and business management skills by reading this post.

Economy Simulation Games Online

Are you an economy student? Or simply interested in learning the best ways to manage available business resources diligently? If yes, the online economy simulation games below will give you just what you need.

Capitalism II

Being an upgrade of Capitalism, CapLab has fascinating and educative features that will bring your financial understanding level to another new level. Also, It allows you to develop and run a highly successful business worldwide.

You play as the company’s CEO therefore, you should ensure you aren’t bought out, you prevent bankruptcy, and ward off compensation. This game offers knowledge of starting a business and thriving through competitive markets worldwide.

Capitalism II is a paid game depending on the platform you’re using. Some providers can also offer 2-3 free trial CapLab games.

Offworld Trading Company

You’ll run an interstellar company in this game while enhancing your might on Mars. To become the most influential business, you should carefully determine what to sell or build, how to gain resources, interact with the cutthroat economy, and the best time to acquire stocks. This is a paid game.

Port Royale 4

This game will excite you more if you’re a colonial-era enthusiast. It puts you as the leader of a trading company that operates in the Caribbean during the 17th century. For a start, you’re given a ship you’ll use to travel to different ports and make smart trades while avoiding pirates. This is a paid game.

Online Business Games for Students

Online business strategy games provide a fun and elaborate way to show students how to run businesses. With the array of games available, students and middle-aged kids can select any game(s) based on their interests or preference.  

Here are the top three free online business simulation games that can significantly boost your business skills and know-how.   



This game’s objective is to start a small business and work on it until it reaches the tycoon level. Its multiplayer mode can accommodate up to 6 people you can easily invite through Gmail.

Gazillionaire educates about demand and the difficulty of moving products when no one wants them. It can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Refund Rush

Refund Rush is a single-player game that aims to improve your business decision-making scheme. You’ll be provided with different customers profiles, including their age, amount of tax refund, and financial goals.

You then utilize this information to advise them on the best way to divide their tax refunds to achieve their needs and objectives. Afterward, you’ll be graded depending on the effectiveness of your advice.

3rd World Farmer

Playing this game will open up your eyes to numerous obstacles businesses usually face, more than those you already know. You’ll learn these challenges and how to counter them by running a farm in a country experiencing severe poverty.

Corporate Overlord

Corporate Overlord is among the best-rated online business strategy games today. It’ll allow you to develop your empire then research and use available technology to increase your riches and power.

Career Games for Students

Career games can help students explore various career topics. They can also discover different job options and what it takes to achieve their dreams. Some of the best career online games that should be on your radar include:

Claim Your Future

In this game you select several career paths which come with typical salaries. You’re then provided with different spending options, and your total spending is tracked to see progress and if adjustments are necessary.

The Payoff

This game is recommended for students aged 14+ years. It’s about two teens trying to develop a business together in a highly competitive environment.

The game will teach you how to analyze business deals, grow your business, and overcome various financial challenges.   

Benefits of Online Business Games

Online simulation games have proven an effective way to teach students and business people different essential skills and knowledge. They offer real-life experiences and skills you can easily employ in your everyday life, and it’s best to select the most relevant game depending on your learning goals. 

Also, playing business management games online has diverse benefits such as promoting teamwork, engagement, and creative thinking. Games are a unique strategy that can be used as a fun learning tool.

By: Robert Puharich | December 28, 2021 |