House Mortgage Payment Calculator

Dreaming of a nice house? Or a fancy condo? Try this calculator to see how much money you’ll really need to purchase your dream home.

House Mortgage Calculator

A mortgage is a bank loan for the money needed to purchase a house and this mortgage house calculator gives you an estimate on the monthly payments. A down payment is an initial payment required to lower the cost of borrowing for your house.

A typical mortgage lasts from 25-30 years long, so the price of purchase is significant as the average person will be paying it off for the duration of the loan. Interest fees may change over the entirety of your loan and also affect your payments.

This mortgage-on-house calculator does not include other fees such as property tax, transfer fees, insurance, and anything else the comes with owning a house. If purchasing a condo or apartment, a monthly strata fee will apply. Please keep those in mind when considering the purchase of a home.

Now go ahead, plug in some numbers and see where you’ll need to be to make that purchase!