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Top 16 Financial Literacy Quotes

Financial literacy is a topic of many conversations. From classrooms to wealthy tycoons, people are always speaking on financial literacy. With these conversations come quotes that can benefit in many ways, including helping in the reduction of financial illiteracy.

Financial literacy quotes help to reinforce ideas on financial literacy and provide a concise way of remembering and immortalizing famous phrases.

Quotes can also help to inspire and motivate one to launch ideas when tackling financial problems. Here are some quotes about financial literacy worth knowing.

Top Financial Literacy Quotes

Top financial literacy quotes are famous phrases that people use to express their opinions on finances. Here are four prime examples of top financial quotes used by experts.

  • “A person can either discipline their finances or their finances disciplines them.” – Orrin Woodward, an author.
  • “In most instances, bankrupted finances are a reflection of bankrupted souls.” – Orrin Woodward, author

  • “If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past.” – Kim Kiyosaki, entrepreneur and author
  • “Like any other form of learning, financial education should ideally start at an early age. This process should also continue throughout life as it helps people gain the necessary skills required to make sound financial decisions.” – Alas Greenspan, an economist

Inspirational Financial Literacy Quotes

Inspirational financial literacy quotes urge you to learn more about financial literacy and its importance in life. Below are two examples of such phrases.

  • “I want to live in a financially literate community. I would love to see children learning about the importance of investing and saving. People need to know about financial literacy because it’s lifesaving.” – Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments
  • “It’s incredibly essential that our kids get to learn about personal finance. They should get this education from home and also at school. Financial literacy is critical as young learners need to acquire huge learning debts when they go to college.” – Elizabeth Warren, US senator from Massachusetts

Financial Independence Quotes

Financial independence quotes provide information about the importance of one’s future savings. Here are some examples of these quotes.

  • “Having financial independence should always be paramount. It is always essential to be financially independent regardless of where you go in life and who you marry. Since you may never know which curve balls life will toss your way, it is best to have the capability to take care of your finances.” – Priyanka Chopra, an actress
  • “Financial peace is not about acquiring stuff. It’s more about learning how to live on less than what you’re earning. This way, you can save money and invest some of it. You can’t win until you learn this.” – Dave Ramsey, a personal finance personality

Financial Planning Quotes

Financial planning quotes educate you on the importance of planning and budgeting. Here are some examples of financial planning phrases.

  • “Financial literacy is an essential part of knowing how to avoid financial mistakes and devising plans for a secure and strong financial future” – Tim Pawlenty, the CEO Financial Services Round Table
  • “Debt is a form of enslavement to past events. You can’t live well in the present time and plan for the future unless you learn how to break free of paying for the past.” – Tsh Oxenreider, an author

Financial Investment Quotes

These quotes help you understand more about the importance of investing and how to do it right. Below are some examples of financial investment quotes.

  • “Courage showed me that no matter how awful a crisis gets, any worthwhile investment will pay off eventually.” – Carlos Slim Helu, a Mexican business magnate

  • “Most college graduates spend close to 16 years developing skills that will allow them to get a high-paying salary. However, these people typically spend little to no time learning how to save and invest their money.” – Vince Shorb, the CEO of NFEC (National Financial Educators Council)

Motivational Money Quotes

Motivational money quotes provide you with the enthusiasm of using and investing money correctly. Here is a breakdown of a couple of examples of motivational money quotes.

  • “Getting money will depend 80% on your behaviour and 20% on knowledge. Therefore, it’s more about what you do rather than what you know.” – Dave Ramsey, personal finance personality

  • “Never rely on a single form of income. Consider making investments to create alternative income sources.” – Warren Buffett, an American business magnate

Saving Money Quotes

Saving quotes help you learn the best ways to reduce costs and increase savings. Below are two examples of such.

  • “Currently, there’s no written law against choosing to live below your means and saving or investing the rest of the remaining money.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana, an author

  • “Don’t save what money is left after spending. Rather, only spend the money that remains after saving funds.” – Warren Buffet

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