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17 Online Business Ideas For Teens And Students

Teenagers today have many up-to-date skills that the business world could benefit from. Putting these online business ideas for teens and students to work can be a scary thought for a teen but the potential to earn some money could be the spark you need.

With the skills you already have and a connection to the internet, you could be well on your way to a new income stream online. It could even turn out to be an easy way to make money online.

How Much Money Do I Need to Start an Online Business?

As a teen, there will be restrictions around start-up capital (money) and time, but there are many online businesses that don’t require these. The listed ideas can work around your schedule, allowing you to work while still in school.

To start an online business as a teen or student you’ll need an idea or skill and a solid work ethic. In many cases of business online there is ZERO money required to get started other than the price of an internet connection.

Although there are no easy business ideas for teens here, all of them can be done remotely and have a low barrier to entry meaning there aren’t a lot of obstacles to get started. These can also be great online side hustles for teens.

Online Business Ideas for Teens and Students

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1. Social Media Influencer

As your following increases, people and companies will want to associate with you. You can work with brands, become an affiliate, sell photos, and get creative in your money-making strategy.

If you’re a regular on TikTok and Instagram, consider working to increase your following. Adding value to people’s days through humor, information or anything else that somebody may find entertaining can lead you to your new business.

Why not get paid to promote on your feed?

2. YouTube Channel

YouTube is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Having the second largest search engine after Google, people are searching for everything.

Find your interest and create videos about it. Some ideas to consider include unboxing, product reviews, and lessons.

See what others are doing and apply it to your niche. Although getting paid will take time and lots of effort, if you stick with a strategy eventually you can get paid from advertising and sponsorships.

Not sure this works? Check out Erika Kullberg’s channel on personal finance. She grew to over 4 million views and $100,000 in her first year.

3. Print on Demand (POD)

If you’re willing to learn some basic design, a low-cost business is applying these designs to merchandise ranging from t-shirts to mugs.

Many of the selling companies dropship (print, package, send) for you so you have no costs other than the programs you use for design, and a monthly fee.

Some sites that can get you started are Printful and Printify. Amazon MBA is a good option if you can get accepted but the barrier to entry is a lot harder and you can’t sell to Canada.

4. Blogging/Affiliates

Creating a blog is more of a long-term business idea as it takes from 6 months to a year just for Google to notice you.

Bloggers get paid from ads, affiliates (commissions for recommending items), and sponsorships.

If you like to write and are passionate about something, consider this a long-term project that can pay off down the road. Check out Neil Patel for loads of blogging information.

5. Sell Hand-Made Goods

If you are artsy or like crafts, selling your goods online has never been easier. Sites like Etsy allow you to showcase your items and even take custom requests.

Creating a following through websites like Pinterest may get you some fans and help build your business. Get paid to make what you love.

6. Sell Digital Products

If you have products you create on your computer, you can sell them to others that may benefit.

Digital ideas include art, fonts, e-books, greeting cards, custom portraits and if you really want to put in some time, you can sell courses.

Your products can be sold through your own website, Amazon, and many other sites. Once you’ve created something digitally, you can sell it over and over.

Time invested upfront can result in long-term sales.

7. Podcasting

This takes a little more effort and is also a long-term investment. Podcasting involves creating audio about a niche topic.

Finding a topic that will generate some interest can get you paid through sponsorships. If you can get people to listen to you, you can ask companies to advertise on your podcast.

8. Graphic Design

If you’re good at designing and find it fun, consider doing it for others.

Many people require logos, branding, and simple photoshop tasks that you may be able to do. All you really need is some software. You can get gigs at sites like Fiverr to get started.

9. Sell on eBay

Re-selling has come a long way with the internet and continues to gain popularity. You can get a head start by selling off things around the house and then see what sells.

One method commonly used is to buy pre-owned items on other marketplaces and re-sell them online. Another option is to buy new items at a lower cost then sell them at a higher price through eBay (arbitrage), where you can set an auction or a buy now price.

With a bit of experience in finding your niche market, you can get some sales going from the seat of your couch.

10. Livestream Video Games

This may sound like a dream job to many, and really it may be.

Get donations and tips from people watching you play online, or work your way up to a paid subscription.

Although you’ll need to build up your following, E-Sports events are now filling up arena’s, it’s no joke. Check out Twitch and Facebook Gaming.

11. Web Design

People and companies are setting up websites and landing pages every day. With some basic skills, you can do this for them.

Learning WordPress is a good start for web design as is understanding different options such as Wix.

Offering to help people set up and maintain their sites is a business that is only going to grow as more of the world goes digital.

Many free web design tutorials are available online and Youtube is a valuable resource.

12. Create an App, Game, or Chrome Extension

This isn’t for everyone and will take some coding experience but it can earn you some serious income.

Creating games for your demographic may give you an advantage in knowing what you want, so keep your eyes open for ideas.

Sites such as Bubble allow you to build apps without code so this may give you a head start if you already have an idea in mind.

13. Social Media Consultant

If you use social media regularly you have skills that many businesses could use, especially an older demographic.

Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs understand social media, as well as posting strategies, would benefit owners greatly.

This could potentially lead to a more permanent social media manager gig.

14. Freelance Writer

If you like to write, are good at it, and are willing to learn then this could be the job for you. Writers mostly create content for newsletters, advertisers, and blogs.

Often you’ll need to write about topics you’re unfamiliar with and will have to research, but if you’re looking for work you’ll need to take what’s available.

If you write in a second language, consider looking for work in other countries. Writing also opens the door to translation work. has gigs for writing as do Solidgigs and Flexjobs.

15. Video Editing

Video is becoming vital online. Advertisers are posting more videos, Youtube channels are growing, and wedding season is always around.

With some simple software and basic skills you could be employed by various industries to edit videos at your own convenience.

Look for gigs on Upwork to get started and work on getting those reviews.

16. Audio Editing

With podcasting becoming more popular so has the need for audio editors. As with video editing, get the right software and look for jobs on the same platforms.

17. Online Tutor

Since the pandemic hit the education system hard, online tutoring grew. Just as students require tutoring in person, virtual tutors have become a regular thing.

The need for tutors in many subject areas has allowed this industry to grow significantly. Look for clients on sites like Preply.

These online business ideas for teens and students involve skills that many teenagers are capable of learning and performing.

It is important to note that starting a business involves licenses that vary by country and state, and will most likely need some parental involvement.

Do your research on what is required prior to starting any jobs and always follow the rules of your jurisdiction.

By: Robert Puharich | May 14, 2021 |