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Easy Office Jobs For Teenagers

Do you know a motivated, responsible, and mature teen looking for a way to get more money? Perhaps this describes you. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to buy all the things you wanted without having to ask mom or dad?

If you’re a teen looking for an easy way to earn money, you’re not alone!

Earning money will give you the freedom to buy things without having to depend on your parents for them. Just imagine the beauty of being able to purchase items that your parents won’t pay for. Awesome, right?

Think about being able to buy more electronic devices, makeup, games, and even clothes. How about saving up for your first car, or saving up for college?  Perhaps you may be interested in preparing for the real world, like moving out.

Have you thought about getting a part-time or summer job? Better yet, have you considered applying for an office job?

If your answer to the questions above is yes, then look no further!

Basic Requirements for an Office Job for Teens

An office job would be considered a “go-to” job for many teenagers because of the basic skills required to get the job done. Although you’ll require training, you probably already possess some skills including computer, organizational, communication, and general office skills.

Although these jobs may not be the easiest to get, persistence and research will be the key. Find out where these jobs are and what it will take to get them.

Working these jobs in your free time and on school breaks may even lead to a career opportunity, don’t underestimate where these jobs could lead you. And of course, you won’t be outside collecting shopping carts in the rain like some of your peers.

Here are some easy office jobs for teenagers.

Office Jobs for High School Students and Teenagers

Junior Accounts Payable Clerk

Payments and transactions are processed by a junior accounts payable clerk. They are responsible for the company’s outgoing bills and invoices. Utility payments, product or inventory invoices, employee spending accounts, and reimbursements are all examples of bills.

Some of the places you may find jobs as a junior accounts payable clerk are accounting firms, retail stores, banks, hotels, and hospitals. 


A secretary is usually responsible for answering the phone, taking messages, organizing meetings, and keeping correspondence records.

Some of the places a secretary can work are legal offices, government organizations, corporations, hospitals, schools, and medical offices.

Consider these tips to become a great secretary.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants help an organization function efficiently by doing clerical work. Duties include filing papers, arranging appointments, answering the phone, welcoming guests, and giving general assistance to other office employees.

Administrative assistants can find jobs at a variety of organizations including legal firms, private enterprises, schools, and government agencies.

Mail Clerk

Mail clerks are in charge of sorting mail and making sure it gets to the proper department. They are also responsible for screening junk mail and processing outgoing mail for the company’s workers.

Jobs as a mail clerk can be found at US Postal Services, Canada Post, college campuses as well as government organizations.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks work for businesses, entering and updating information into computer databases. This involves scanning and arranging documents digitally as well as physically entering data.

Private organizations, government firms, legal offices, and hospitals are some of the places one can find jobs as a data entry clerk.

Medical Biller

Medical billers file claims to insurance companies using the codes supplied by the medical coder. They also follow up with the insurance company and the patients to ensure that medical bill payments are accurate and completed on time.

Medical billers can work at hospitals, doctors’ offices, and outpatient clinics.

Office Assistant

An office assistant assists with common administrative tasks in the workplace. Scheduling appointments, writing text, proofreading, filing, receiving mail, and providing customer support are some of the duties this job entails.

Office Assistant jobs can be found at private businesses, schools, government agencies, insurance companies, and retail stores.

File Clerk

A file clerk collects, organizes, and files documents and records such as invoices, receipts, and forms. Creating an effective document storage and filing system, and digitizing physical copies of documents are among their major responsibilities.

Jobs as a file clerk can be found at banks, law firms, hospitals, and private businesses.

Happy job hunting!

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