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15 Best Part Time Jobs For Students In Canada

You’ve finally decided it’s time to earn some money so it’s time to start searching for the best part time jobs for students in Canada. The simplest way to find a job is to walk down to the local mall and apply at every store you see.

You may not be quite ready to start an online business as a teen, or any side hustles, so employment is a good first step.

A common way teenagers find jobs is to join friends where they’re working. Although there is nothing wrong with working at a local coffee shop or the mall, I’ve compiled a list of high paying part-time jobs for teens so that you can get a head start on your savings.

Through my search I have only considered jobs with good working conditions for students. Even though some jobs may require a little bit of extra effort and training, there’s no need to settle for the easiest job you can find as there are plenty of teen jobs that pay well, more than minimum wage.

Earning good money in high school is possible with the correct focus.

The time you put in for training can be hours saved working at a low-paying job. The right mindset and a good job will get you on your way to success. Here are some of the best part time jobs for teens.

Teen Jobs that Pay Well

young female with headset working at call center

1. Customer Service | Call Center $17.5

Answering phones and communicating with customers requires basic communication skills and a grasp of the language in use. A second language may be a bonus as you search for a job opening. With some basic training this is a job that can be done at any hour of the day as many call centers operate around the clock. You may even luck out and find a virtual one.

2. Swimming Instructor $17

A solid grasp of swimming will be required as will instructor certification. This job can be worked year-round in pools both indoor and outdoor. If you build your network, the opportunity for providing private lessons may also arise. You may enjoy this job so much that you never let go, as hours can be limited to weekends and evenings which is favourable to students.

3. Sports Referee | Umpire – Up to $25

basketball referee with basketball under arm

If you have knowledge of a sport and a love for the game you may be able to get paid to participate. A referee can work many hours on weekends which will often include tournaments and vary by location. Training will be required although there are opportunities for young teenagers in working with little leagues. This job does take patience and communication, but the training you get may allow you to earn some cash on the side even as an adult.

4. Pet Sitter $18

young female walking three dogs as pet sitter

The number of pet owners is increasing. At some point, many of these pet owners will have either obligations they need to attend or want to go on a vacation. An opportunity waits for pet lovers so be willing to let people know you are interested. Your wage is negotiable thus be prepared with a price. If you’re not ready to do it on your own there are many pet sitting businesses around, ask if they need help.

5. Pet Groomer $15-$18

As pet ownership surges so does the need for pet maintenance. Pet supply sales are booming and the same pets will also need grooming. With some practice you can become an expert groomer. Many pet stores offer this service, have a peek in to see if they’re hiring.

6. Lifeguard $17-26

Often a coveted job with the ability to work all year round, being a lifeguard is not only a huge responsibility but it can be a lot of fun. Working the beach during summer can be a great way to get outdoors and the indoor pools are open year-round. This job can become serious in a quick moment and therefore you will need the proper certification and training prior to applying.

7. Library Page $16.5

young male student carrying books in library to put them away

A job that most teenagers haven’t heard of, this is one of many underrated high paying part-time jobs for teens. On-the-job training can be completed and the job requires you to take care of library books and place them on shelves when they are returned.

Once you’re comfortable with this job there are even better-paying positions available. Hours are usually excellent for students, as public libraries are only open during business hours for the most part. This is a great part-time job for teens to save for university or for their first car. (In my case both, I did this job for 10 years and highly recommend it!)

8. Tutor $20

Tutor demand is on the rise. With tutors in need, there are opportunities for various expertise. Whether it’s math, science, music, or anything else, the skills you already have can be considered one of the best high paying jobs for teens as the demand for your services can dictate your pay. Have a look for centers or services near you for a regular job, or consider providing your own services in your neighbourhood. If you’re feeling confident, online tutoring is also a thing.

9. Car Detailer $16

The importance of car detailing has been noted more often and people are paying a lot for these services. Finding a good car detailer is important when dropping off your prized possession for a clean. Becoming a good detailer is not for everybody, as patience and attention to detail are required, but if you take the time to learn and perfect it there are businesses out there looking for quality workers. If this is a hobby of yours consider going out and getting paid to do it.

10. Catering Staff $14-17

young woman working catering job carrying tray with food appetizers

Working for a banquet hall or event center is a job that’s been around for a long time. If you don’t know somebody doing it, the job can be overlooked. Events are constantly happening. Whether it’s weddings or celebrations, parties are a big part of life. Have a look around your neighbourhood to see what event centers may be operating. Wages can vary depending on the events and sometimes gratuities (tips) are a part of your pay. Keep in mind many of these jobs will work late into the night so it’s not for everybody.

11. Valet Service $12-16 + Tips

A driver’s license and a clean driving record are a must. Parking people’s cars is a big responsibility but it can give big rewards. Valet services are available in many places and tips will vary by the establishment. If you’re parking fancy cars there’s a good chance you’ll get a fancy tip. You must be a confident driver to attempt this job.

12. Ice Rink Attendant $14-16

Of course, you must have access to an ice rink but if not you can transfer this thought to any other sporting center you may have nearby. A knowledge of some maintenance will be required as will operating different equipment, and most likely the ability to ice skate. In-house training may be provided.

13. Camp Counselor $14-17

young African American female working day camp with 5 diverse children

Camps run all summer long and many operate at different school breaks. This is a great way to gain experience in working with children and this job can lead to many opportunities in the future. The ability to work with children includes many skills, and surviving this experience adds a lot of responsibility to your resume. Don’t forget that many camps have various fun adventures planned daily and you’ll actually get paid well to participate.

14. Golf Course Attendant $14-15

If you enjoy golf, many courses have free golf as a perk. Depending on the course, this job may entail cleaning golf courts, picking balls, communicating with clients, or even working on the landscaping. A job that’s mostly outdoors, it can also be a good networking opportunity if you have the right attitude.

15. Ski Instructor $15-20

Getting paid to ski sounds like a perfect job for many. Skiing is an expensive sport and the ability to get paid to ski and teach is appealing for just that reason. Experience and certification are a must, but this is a job worth considering if you have a love for the outdoors and of course a mountain nearby.

Think Outside the Norm

There are many types of high paying part-time jobs for students in Canada, just sometimes you need to get creative and be willing to get trained. Don’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is and do your own research, some of the best part time jobs for teens are the ones you don’t know.

Having a job that pays you well as a teenager will take a lot of your financial stress off and set you up for your next stage in life. These jobs for teens are discussed as part-time but could be more if you wish.  

If you find a teen job that pays well and you like it, your teenage part-time job may stick with you and you’ll be doing it as an adult. Take the time to search and you’ll thank yourself later.

*Wages based on Canadian national averages

By: Robert Puharich | March 30, 2021 |