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Reasonable Clothing Budget for a Teenager

The question of what is a reasonable clothing budget for a teenager constantly comes up. How much should a teen save? How much should a parent give a teen? Although all answers and situations vary, here are some basic ideas for teens to consider.

A reasonable clothing budget for a teen can range between $50-$100 a month and should get the necessities required for daily life while in school. A monthly clothing allowance ranging this amount is sufficient for a teenager to buy most clothes, including sweaters, jeans, and underwear.   

This considers the basic requirements to look clean and employable. It does not take into consideration name-brand items that will use much of your budget on one item. Name brand items can also spend a yearly budget very easily in one shopping trip.

Budget-friendly stores such as Winners, Nordstrom Rack, H & M, and American Eagle can have you looking great at budget-friendly prices.

Importance of a Clothing Budget

A clothing budget is the most effective way to ensure a smooth and consistent saving plan. Usually, this amount will vary depending on your work situation, family’s income, and living lifestyle.

In most cases, many teenagers with fixed clothing budgets work to earn more money by doing payable jobs like babysitting or finding a part-time job. They can also go to resale and consignment stores for more pocket-friendly clothes.

Some parents have diverse ways of distributing an allowance to their kids, so see if this is an option for you. Consider what you can do at home to contribute and provide incentive for parents or guardians to help you out.

Allowances are often given monthly, weekly, or sometimes yearly depending on saving discipline and efforts around home or school.

When creating a reasonable clothing budget for teens, it’s important to consider what exactly you will need. Wants will always be a factor, such as those Nike Jordan shoes you probably don’t need in three colours, but it needs to be considered.

Create a list of what you will need throughout the year, add up the costs, then divide it by 12 months. Understand that sometimes you will need to carry your budget over to other months if you would like a bigger item, but knowing what you need and creating a goal around it will be your saving factor.

The key factor to sticking to your budget will be only purchasing what you need. If you have money left over you can consider something you want, or if this is not working consider earning more money by taking on more work and earning opportunities.

Tips Teenagers Can Use to Boost their Clothing Budget

It’s normal for teenagers to find their clothing budget to be insufficient. Here are five highly effective ways to stretch this budget further:

1. Consider thrift stores and garage sales with cheaper but quality clothes

2. Always buy high-quality clothes and shoes since they can last longer

3. Learn DIY clothing projects

4. Learn how to mend clothes (sew)

5. Swap clothes with your friends

6. Purchase clothing with colours and styles that don’t get outdated

7. Avoid drying your clothes with a dryer, line-dry them

8. Avoid buying what you don’t need

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Budget

Knowing what you want to save up for is extremely important in any saving plan. It gives you the morale to keep working harder towards your goal and helps you calculate the time and effort needed to achieve it.

Budgeting is also another critical element in saving. It enables you to track and control your spending while making informed financial decisions. Hence, it’s essential to stick to a budget if you want a successful and achievable saving plan.  

By: Robert Puharich | January 2, 2022 |

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